3 Signs That Your Car Needs Front-End Wheel Alignment

Posted on: 8 August 2016

Having your vehicle's wheels aligned regularly is critical if you want your car to be easy and comfortable to drive and if you want to avoid messing up your tires. If you don't know much about cars or wheel alignment, however, you might be unsure of how to tell if this needs to be done. These are a few signs that your car might need a front-end wheel alignment, so watch out for these signs, and take your car to a qualified mechanic to have an alignment done if needed.

1. You Drive Down "Bad Roads" Often

The roads that you drive on can have an effect on your car's alignment. If you drive on newer, well-maintained roads, this isn't as much of a problem. If you frequently find yourself driving over potholes, speed bumps or other bumps in the road, you should know that the jarring from these "bad roads" can actually cause alignment issues with your vehicle.

2. Your Tires Are Wearing Out Unevenly

Another tell-tale sign that your car might need a front-end wheel alignment is if your tires are wearing out unevenly. Basically, all the tires on your car should wear out in pretty much the same way and at the same rate. If you notice that one of your front tires is wearing out faster than the other front tire, or if you notice uneven wear on one side of your tires or the other, it could be due to a front-end wheel alignment issue. Luckily, having the issue remedied can help you prevent your tires from wearing out prematurely or at an uneven rate.

3. Your Car Drifts to the Left or Right

Does your car drift to the left or the right? Do you have to actively work hard to keep your car going straight ahead, or does it feel as if your vehicle is fighting to go toward one side of the road or the other? This type of problem can make safe driving more difficult, and it can often be remedied by having your vehicle's front end aligned.

As you can see, even if you do not know much about cars, there are a few signs that you can look for to determine if your car needs a front-end wheel alignment. If you notice any of these three signs or if you haven't had your car checked out lately, consider taking it to a professional to have the alignment checked out and repaired if necessary.