3 Cargo-Specific Types Of Enclosed Trailers

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Trailers offer convenient, safe ways to transport many different types of cargo. Regardless of the types of things you plan to transport, there is likely a trailer to meet your needs. Some trailers are open and only consist of a rolling platform. These trailers are convenient and suitable when you are transporting cargo that is virtually unaffected by the weather. However, in instances when you are moving things that you would like to protect from the elements, an enclosed or covered trailer may be more suitable. Here are a few types of enclosed cargo trailers from which you can choose for your next transport:

Automotive Trailers

Automotive or vehicular trailers are used to move cars from one place to another. A long distance and the need to protect a vehicle from weather damage can make the use of a hitch or wrecker truck contraindicated.

An automotive trailer keeps the transported vehicle safe from dirt, road debris, and adverse weather, so the car or truck arrives at its destination damage-free. This can especially important if you are transporting a collectible automobile for a road show or moving a vehicle that you are selling or have sold. Some automotive trailers can accommodate multiple vehicles at once.

Horse Trailers

Cargo does not necessarily have to be inanimate. Horses are often transported via trailers. To find a suitable horse trailer, look for a trailer that accommodates your animal and still permits enough space for the sides of the trailer not to touch the horse during transport. Also, the horse should be able to lift and lower its head easily.

If you are planning to transport multiple horses at once, the same rules apply for each transported animal, but you may also want to have stall dividers available in the trailer. In addition, the trailer's ventilation should be sufficient to prevent the animal or animals from overheating during the ride.

Boat Trailers

Boat trailers are used to move large boats and can often accommodate the rounded bottom of a boat without letting it tip over.. Since boats do not have wheels, the bottom of a boat is particularly susceptible to damage. Also, not all boats have sufficient coverings to protect the interior from weather. The enclosed boat trailers provides the needed protection.

Even though you may be able to match your cargo to the trailer type, you will still need to select a trailer with the size and amenities that specifically fit your items. To help you select the best trailer for your needs, contact a local trailer dealer such as TRSC.