How Do Auto Locksmiths Open Your Locked Car?

Posted on: 8 August 2016

If you have accidentally locked in your car keys, there is no need to worry or panic. With the help of a professional auto locksmith, you can retrieve the keys without damaging the door.  Most auto locksmiths offer emergency services for lockouts and will arrive at the vicinity in the shortest time possible. Auto locksmiths use a variety of tools to open your locked car doors some of which will be discussed below.

Using a Slim Jim

A Slim Jim is one of the common tools used by auto smiths to open a locked car door.  It is usually referred to as a closed doorway tool because the door will stay sealed during the opening process. The auto locksmith will place the Slim Jim between the weather stripping and the window glass of the door. It is important to note that the lock smith uses a lot of finesse to maneuver through the intricate electrical wiring of the door. This is why this process should be left to the professionals to avoid damaging the car.

The auto locksmith will move the Slim Jim along the upright lock until it badges. When this happens, the lock is gently pulled upward and the door is unlocked. For older cars, the auto smith simply presses down the Slim Jim over keyhole to open the door.  Although there is no universal agreement on using a Slim Jim, it is most effective on upright locks that can be pulled upwards. This is because this approach minimizes the likelihood of the auto locksmith causing damage to the door.

Using a wedge

An auto locksmith can also use a wedge to open your locked car door. Wedges come in various sizes and shapes  to enable the auto locksmith to use them in cars of varied models and makes. Majority of auto locksmiths use an air wedge to carry out this task. They do this by deflating the bag and slipping it between the door way. Once the professional ascertains that the air wedge is in place, they will inflate the bag, until an adequate space is created to allow for a long tool to be used to unlock the door. Most auto locksmiths use a Lasso Tool to pull an upright lock upwards after creating adequate space using the air wedge.  If your car does not have upright locks, the professional will insert a rod in the space created, which will slide or push the buttons, opening the car door.

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