3 Ways To Make Your Full-Size Pickup More Comfortable For A Short Driver

Posted on: 15 August 2016

As a shorter driver, you have to make certain accommodations to your vehicles to make them more comfortable to drive. This can be especially true when you own a full-size pickup, with or without a lift. Getting in your truck can prove difficult, and seeing over the dash can feel almost impossible. If you want to make your large truck more comfortable to drive, use these modification tips to make it happen.

Retractable truck steps

If getting in your truck feels more like pole vaulting than it does simply climbing in your vehicle, it's a great idea to invest in retractable truck steps. These steps extend out when you open the truck door, giving you a boost for climbing inside. When you shut your truck door, the steps retract to maintain the streamlined appearance of the vehicle's design. Retractable truck steps can be added onto your vehicle by your dealer's mechanic and are beneficial for children and the elderly to use, in addition to shorter drivers.

Pedal extenders

Reaching the brake, clutch, or gas pedals can be difficult when you have a large truck designed for taller drivers. You either have to place a pillow or other material behind you to see over the dash and reach the pedals, or you have to move your seat so close to the steering wheel you risk injury from your airbags in the event of an accident. You can make your truck safer to drive by installing pedal extenders, which can be adjusted to your height and readjusted for other drivers when they get behind the wheel as well. With the length you need to drive comfortably, you can feel confident behind the wheel.

Running boards

If your truck has a lift or larger tires, it can feel like getting into the bed of the truck to grab a tool or reaching up to open the door is an obstacle. You can offset the height of your truck by having custom running boards installed to give you the extra height you need. Running boards can be custom-designed to match the style of your truck by having plastic or chrome covers placed on them.

When you own a larger truck but you have a petite frame, you can feel like you are driving a monster around. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can modify your vehicle so it's much more comfortable for you to drive and much safer to maneuver as well.