How to Get Rid of a Spider in Your Car's Side Mirror

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Your car's side mirrors might not seem like the best place for a bug to hide out—after all, the mirrors usually get moved around in addition to being shaken up every time you drive. Spiders tend to prefer calmer environments, but for some reason, they really love to hang out in your side mirrors anyway. They won't harm the mirrors, but spiders can be creepy to see, especially if you have a fear of spiders. You can remove the critter, though, through a combination of methods.

Keep Destroying the Web

Every time you see a web appear, take a tissue and break up the web. Do this day after day after day. Sometimes, especially after you've been destroying the web for a while, the spider will attempt to make the strands look really thin and almost invisible, so if you don't see a web, check carefully to ensure you aren't just overlooking a small one. By constantly destroying the web, you're making the area more inhospitable to the spider, and it may move on after a while.

Wake Up Early

The best way to get rid of the spider is to catch it when it's hanging out on the web instead of behind your mirror. To do that, you have to get to your car early in the morning (you can do this at night, too, if you park near a streetlight so you can see; the sudden flash of light from a flashlight could scare the spider and make it run behind the mirror again). If you can do this for a few mornings, eventually you'll see the spider and will be able to knock it away from the mirror.

Canned Air

If you can't get to the car when the spider is out, and destroying the web is taking a while to annoy the spider, try canned air. This is the same stuff that you use to blow dust out of your computer keyboard. Just be sure not to stand in front of the mirror when you blast the air into the crevices. The spider could come shooting out onto your shirt!

If you've got a larger problem than just one spider, or you really have a phobia and don't want to deal with the bug yourself, contact a car professional such as Central Body Co Inc. They can try the canned air method, or if worst comes to worst, they can try taking the mirror apart and removing the spider that way.