Going On A Road Trip Through The Desert? Be Prepared For An Emergency With These Items

Posted on: 23 August 2016

If you plan to take a trip out west, there is a good chance that at some point you will be traveling through the desert areas situated in states like Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. While the desert atmospheres in the United States are nowhere near as brutal and deserted as in some other countries, these area can still mean miles of nothingness in high temperatures, and this is definitely not a place where you want to have car trouble. If you are planning a road trip which will take you through a long stretch of desert highways, make sure you are prepared for an emergency by having these items with you for the trip. 

Coolant or Gallons of Distilled Water

In desert areas, temperatures can easily climb into the triple digits through the day, which means your vehicle will have to work hard to keep the motor cool as you travel. Keeping the motor cool involves coolant or water in the fluid reservoir, which should get recirculated consistently. However, if you have even a small leak in your radiator, you could see the fluid levels in your coolant tank drop drastically in the desert pretty fast. Keep a gallon or two of distilled water or coolant in your trunk just in case an emergency occurs so you don't end up with an overheated motor in the middle of the desert. 

Quick-Boost Battery Charger

While a set of jumper cables is always good to have on hand, if you will be taking a trip through the desert, it is best to have something to charge your battery which does not require the aid of another vehicle. In remote desert areas, you could go for miles without seeing a single driver, so if you were to breakdown and need a battery jumped, you could be waiting a while for someone to show up. 

Spare Tire and Tire-Plugging Kit

Hot pavement can put real stress on your tires. Therefore, if you have a tire which is already compromised or has low tread, you will be more likely to see it damaged when rolling along a long stretch of desert highway. Take along with you a good spare, already aired up and ready to install, and everything you need to put the spare on if you have a flat. Plus, it is a good idea to keep a tire-plugging kit on hand in case you hit a sharp object, such as a jagged piece of rock. For more about this topic, talk to a professional.